There is something about you that keeps me grounded.”

It was as though I was made for this and that you came in at the right time. Ask me about feelings, and I don’t know if I do.

I asked myself what happiness was. I couldn’t give myself any answers. Ask other people and they can’t give me any answers too. I think I have lived with too much sadness and disappointment, I was always very wary about feeling too happy about something and it needs to be worked on.

The mind is the strongest really. It allows you to make decisions, push you to the edge and it can even make you do something you never thought you could. It disciplines you and that’s what I need.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself this, “How are you today, beautiful?”



“You seem to be an interesting, humble, understanding and sympathetic person. You seem to get me, and don’t think I am just a total lost cause. You are endearingly shy and self aware.”

No, that isn’t a result of a test I took on facebook. It was from a guy I met on Tinder last year. Can’t believe it’s almost been a year and it’s funny how through our interactions online, he was able to express what he thought of me as a person.

I’ve always been afraid of what people think of me but I’m trying to change that. I’m going to do more things that have made me uncomfortable. I’m starting to embrace this change and I’ll start to let the past leave me like an unwanted stain.



If you asked me who I was;
I wouldn’t be able to tell you who I am;
even as I put my life on pause,
cause honestly, I don’t even know who I am.

Take my hand and guide me.
Peel me off layer by layer
so that I know what’s bitter and what’s not.

There will be tears, there will be laughters, there will be joy and there will be pain.

It’s going to be a painful process;
a little strenuous, maybe.
but if that’s what it takes to get to know me better,
at least I’ll know myself a little bit different.